We specialize in 2D to 3D implementation and training utilizing Autodesk® software, including Inventor®, Navisworks®, and Recap® (3D Scanning Software).

By moving into the “virtual world of design and fabrication” you will:

  • Improve your designs and increase flexibility and adaptation for simplified changes throughout the design process
  • Bring products and projects to market faster, allowing for digital prototypes before you build the real ones
  • Animate product movements to help avoid collisions and interferences with other parts or objects
  • Create photorealistic renderings and animations of products or projects that will land the next order or job
  • Improve the performance of what you design with dynamic simulation and stress analysis
  • Link your drawings to models to limit lengthy revisions when the design is updated or changed
  • Allow for ease and modification of prior designs by only making necessary changes to avoid starting new projects from scratch
  • Go from your computer straight to the shop floor with CAM programs that are developed within the 3D model
  • Create 3D printed parts that allow for rapid prototyping in the real world without costly tools and fixtures

The benefits for you and your company include:

  • Faster, more accurate, and better designed products and projects
  • Simplified communication when collaborating with clients and personnel
  • Training is based on direct application of your company’s products or services
  • Intelligent drawings that are exact representations of what you design, not a reproduction
  • Becoming more efficient with the same personnel by transitioning your 2D Drafters into 3D Designers


2D-to-3D Transition

3D Modeling and Documentation

3D Scanning

3D Printing

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Applications

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